Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Photo & Event: Putrajaya Drift Run.

Decided to go for a drift fun before I went back to JB. And this time? I didn't bring any camera coz I wanna be free from camera. Or else I'll need to focus on two things which is drifting and snapping photos. Lucky me, Naufal and Kimi which is DSLR kaki are also in town. So why not?

Oh, and a few of my close friends (Which happened to be all chicks) come to give a support too! Thanks a lot guys! I appreciate it.

So we went around 12pm on the track. Freaking hot day too.
Usual suspects like Din Longchamp with his beautiful TE71 and D18X crew members were there too.

Changing our tires before the run.

Here's Rolla before the action.

Got a chance to pose with my car and my helmets.

Posing with Din Longchamp's TE71. Freaking handsome Corolla!

Ever wonder the TE71's interior?

Me and Din's tire stocks.

During sideways. Nope, I didn't record any coz I don't want to do it that day! :P

Others like Joe 40sen's 180sx Hellaflush + Speedhunters + Fitment King 180sx!
Mad Mike Kambing's Startlet KP61. This fella always scared the shit out of me every time I had a shotgun ride with him.
Din's TE71 going sideways.
And after the event? Time to switch back the tires! Shit, I look fat thanks to the wide lens. Hahaha.

The other side? Asked the girls to do it. Dont worry, nobody got hurt during the tire swap process. LOL.

The girls and Kimi spotted.

Aaa, we also went for a luch together at a McDonalds. Spotted in this photo are Hafiz, his girlfriend and also his friend, and Mikey with Cheryl.

And for the ending? Since Naufal bought his *widelens* which I am soooo jealous of it (And to Ariff too!); we decided to repeat the wide-panning style again. Damn, the output are so nice! I should get one soon!

And now back to campus for the final exams. Sigh.

Awesome photos by Naufal and Kimi.

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