Monday, November 8, 2010

Meowww Kitty Kitty.

There's this cute kitten lingering in our hostel lately. She's sooo cute that I even let it stay in my room. Kinda sad sometimes coz when she's hungry; I cant give her some foods due to no foods in my room or I was not around. Anyway, some photos:
Enjoying my 1/4 Chiken Roast.
This was yesterday. Sleeping on my blanket.
And then slept with me. She moved a lot and even scratched me. Must be dreaming.
Playing with her in my DIY Surge Tank Box.
Another shot inside the box.
And today, again, sleeping with me.

I love cat. I wish it stays with me, and I wish I can keep her. But born as a stray cat, it wont stay I guess.


Big_Shat said...

hey man drop by nd check rolla out!

Rosso said...

Already visited your blog. I'll post some feature tomorrow ya man!

U dont have any FaceBook? Add me - Ammar Izzuddin Azmi.


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