Friday, November 19, 2010

Exhaust : Ro-Ta-Ry Style.

Urgh, cant sleep for the whole night coz Im too excited for today's activity. Anyway, before I proceed with today's program, lets jump to a lil upgrade on Rolla. New exhaust! Rotary style! That is what it is called. A bent-tip exhaust. Im always a big fan of it. Been using this style since my old rusty Mazda 808.

Anyway, few months ago, I had swapped my front lip for an exhaust with a custom bent tip. Almost brand new and unfortunately the inlet was 2', so I didn't use it coz mine was 2.3'. End up selling it to a friend and there goes my second bent exhaust.

And, yesterday, decided to surf Mudah and found out somebody selling a JS Racing exhaust for a reasonable price. Asked the seller to drop the price a bit, and we met in the evening for a meet up. The inlet is 2' which suit my current exhaust size. Cant wait to fit em into Rolla today!

Aaa, anyway; for the exciting part; Im going to help a friend to 'scrap' his car. So what's is in for me? Well, while helping him to sell all the parts, I can take what ever I want. That's a pretty good deal to me! Here's the car:

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