Saturday, November 13, 2010

Some New Toys..

Three papers down and three more to go before I finished my first semester in the second year of my learning course. Fuh! Unfortunately I'm gonna fail one of the paper due to super-duper-complicated Differential Equations. Somehow my brain really cant understand all those weird equations and derivatives and bla bla bla. Nevertheless, I rather take a short course to make sure my pointer stays more than 3.4.
Sideways with Steelies.

Aah, anyway, Rolla had been running with a broken fuel regulator (Must be the diaphragm worn out due to high pressure)  for a few weeks already and the consumption is really bad. This time; from KL to JB cost me RM70 fuel and then right afterward the Skudai Toll, the tank was empty. Hahaha. Ask a friend of mine to send some fuel and I'm back in campus. Anyway, the following weeks also were bad coz I spent RM50 to RM70 on petrol only and travel less than 200km.

And, I decided to order some parts to replace the regulator plus a few more items that I had been 'KIV'-ing for a long time. There's more I'm gonna order after this. Just waiting for it to become necessary first.

Parcel arrived!

Some sneak peek in the box.

Bought this online thru a friend of mine in Perak. Just took him 1 day to passed it to JB here. Good service and definitely I'm gonna order more after this. Plus the price tag is way cheaper than normal accessory shop. So here's the new regulator by Tomei, fuel pressure meter by Jasma, a fuel gauge meter by Jasma, a new hood pin and finally a battery kill-switch.

Some close up shot and I was going through the instruction manual. Tomorrow gonna fit it in and Rolla is ready to go back to KL for Aidiladha celebration.

The fuel gauge. I think my original fuel gauge had gone 'weng', its either wiring problem or float problem. If not, I'll just keep this meter and sell it back to whoever needed it.

Hood pin? What for? If any of you had been looking properly, Rolla had been running 'pinless' for awhile. The cable that hold the lock pin had gone MIA and so thus the pin. Solution? Replace it with a new one.

And finally, a battery kill-switch. Been wanting this item since Bee's era. Finally got it after wishing it for like 2 years already. Should I hide the switch or should I mount it in the dashboard compartment? Same question goes to the fuel gauge meter. Coz the fuel gauge didn't come with stand. I do have stand, but it is in KL. Hmm.

Okay lets move on to the next wish list!
*Battery box.
*AE86 fuel tank with internal pump. Cant stand the fuel fume and noisy pump in the boot.
*Universal railing for my passenger seat. Currently using steel plate only to hold the seat.
*Some full bucket seat for me! Shell type, not the frame one. My Sparco Junior is frame type.
*HKS Filter Element for the 4-throttle filter. DIY again later on.
*Vacuum, oil pressure, and oil temperature gauges.
*Front mount oil cooler - Boso style!

And the list goes on and on with no ending until..? God knows better than me when I'm gonna stop.

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Mike Kong said...

wow! quite a lot of stuff u wanna do up! good luck on that stuff man...anyway the cut off switch has to be done properly. its very important...its not as simple as cutting the battery power coz that alone wont kill the engine as the alternator is still producing power...

the battery box u can get from drifthouse. the plastic ones they carry r great!

hope to c u soon!


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