Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gadget : Blackberry Curve 8520.

Just bought a new handphone again. No, I am not selling of my beloved iPhone 3GS for it. I'm just using two phones now. Maxis is in iPhone while Celcom in Blackberry. Oh, here's what I got. A used model of Curve 8520.

But why two hand phones? Isn't it a hassle to bring two chargers for both of em? And also two line which cost double?

Okay, firstly, I am using Maxis postpaid and also the mobile internet package in my iPhone. Most of the time, I am using the iPhone to surf internet, to transfer money on Maybank2u or Paypal, and also every other Internet thingy, except blogging coz I need a lot of time and idea when writing one.

So the Blackberry? I use Celcom coz it cost me RM0.50 per day for the Blackberry Mesengger (BBM) service. That's the only reason why I bought a Blackberry. Hehe. Currently trying to do some business transaction with other country such as Indonesia (Corolla parts) and also to South Africa (Aftermarket parts). It is easier to chat with them thru BBM, and to all my friends that is using Blackberry. Also cheaper coz only RM0.50 for unlimited day pass. So that's that.

In case anyone wanna add me, here's my BBpin : 21503695. Cheers!

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