Thursday, November 18, 2010

DIY : C-h-h-r-r-o-m-e.

So Raya without your parents really sucks. You don't have any activity, there's nobody to tell you what to do, and there's nobody gonna bring me and my brother out. Huargh. Too bored and I went to local hardware shop and bought some stuffs.

Mini project began!

I have these two set of DX face lift. One is original Japan and the other one is a brand new from Taiwan. Gotta admit that the Taiwan one cant even imitate it properly.

Okay since the original and the new one had fade, its time to put some new colors on it.

As usual, the first few coats were undercoat layer. I'll choose bright undercoat color so that the chrome will be reflected better on it.

And since the Corolla have a lot of specs and models, I did two of em. One with black color, and one with chrome color. So does the grill, one is black and one is chrome.

Few hours later, and this is the result. Cold air intake on the left headlamp. This is why the DX face lift is one of the best Corolla can have. So, JDM enuff? Why do you need to waste around RM400 for a RARE RARE RARE (Fuck, I hate the 'rare' word in old school scene. RARE = Ridiculously fucking expensive) Japanese DX face lift when you can actually make one yourself with less than RM20?

Noticed anything new? Yeah, the hippy front lip. This is a common sight on the skateboarding scene, so why not did it on Rolla?  If you guys look carefully, y'all can see different skateboard brand and some aftermarket brands too. Just on the lip! Strictly no sticker on the body. That's my rule. There's some aftermarket stickers that I stick on the rear window too but I didn't snap a photo. Got it when I bought some new stuffs not long ago. I think Rolla looks great with the chrome head lamp trim.

Anyway, some stuffs that I had been keeping and waiting turn to be fitted inside Rolla. Oh, this Zeta doesn't belong to me. Belong to a friend in Johor. I'm just delivering it.

Spare fuel regulator, spare blow off valve, new fog light, fuel gauge meter, oil catch tank, and battery cut-off switch. Gonna fit all of em after I get an AE86 fuel tank or Mira L2S/L5 fuel tank.

And this 14' Equip 01 with 0 offset and 7j wide. Thanks to the big caliper and disc from the Silvia S13, I cant fit this rim without a 1/2' or bigger than 6mm spacer. Should I stick to 14' all around, or 15' all around, or just mix it? Hmmm.


Mike Kong said...

not a bad DIY work ammar...

RARE = Retailed At Ridiculous Expense~~

hahahaha when someone tells u barang ni RARE means he is gonna turn u upside down n empty ur wallet...

i wanna refurb my starlet's grill...can help me ka? wanna put on a red lining to make it look like Golf GTI MK1

Rosso said...

Hahahaha. Nice one Mikey. "Ini rare bro!". Feel like facepalm-ing the one who said this.

I just use a basic primer as undercoat. Hopefully it will last. If you got budget get a plastic primer for undercoat.

Yeah why not. I bought a black can spray but didnt use it. The red lining can buy at motorcycle shop. Those reflector red tape sold there.

Stanley Carter said...

Awesome job as usual Rosso, nicely done!

Rosso said...

Just another boring day filled with DIY work :)


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