Monday, November 8, 2010

Final Exam Month.

Currently busy getting myself ready for the final exam of my first semester. Geez, there goes the same stress over and over again. Usually, if I went for a stress month; I'll increase my food intake especially junk foods, chocolate and fast food to cover up the stress level. And then listening to the same song so that I'll be more focus, and sometimes a book/magazine to read and even watching a movie to fill up my rest time.

Currently watching Smallville. There's 10 season and Im on 2nd season now. Along with Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, and House.

Bad habit? A lot of Chicken Chop and snacks. This is lamb chop worth RM10 at Hutan Bandar at 3am! Anyway, the Chicken Chop at Hutan Bandar cost you RM5 only for this big plate portion. Really worth it.

 Currently listening to Maher Zain. Gosh, his voice is a gift!

And found this book today at a bookstore. Armagedon 2012.

Why both are religious stuffs? I guess its time for me to 'fix' back my religious part. I'm 21, and yet; there's so many religious stuffs I didn't know/forget. So, lets just say its time to become a proper Muslim. Time to fix up myself and leave the bad things. Cheers.

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