Sunday, November 21, 2010

DIY : New Front Pannel.

My second busy day as today I am excited to do some work on Rolla. I dont have any experience on doing it myself but I give it a shot today. Started early in the morning. First thing that I did was spraying this new panel with undercoat. Few layers should do.

Then moving on to the next step was removing the whole face of Rolla.

Learned from my few experience when doing work; always make sure the work area clean and organize so that you wont miss anything when the assembling process.

A friend of mine, Praveent came to my house to pick up the DX bumper. Unfortunately, he was also forced to help me with stuffs. Hahaha. Sorry bro. I forgot your friend's name, but nice to meet ya man! He's from Sri Lanka by the way.

While waiting for the panel to dried up, I sprayed the whole front with black color so that it will look nicer.

Also the bumper bracket. As good as new now.

Again, waiting process. Praveent brought this overfender from Retro Bodykits. I decided to test it on Rolla. What do you think? Should I use it?

And after a few layer of white color and clear coat, it is done!

Fit in back the bracket, and really looks nicer now.

Front panel fitted. Thanks Praveent for lending a hand to fit it.

This and that, and yes, everything had been fitted back.

Again, should I use it..?

Looks good? Looks bad?

And finally, current look. Should I put back the bumper or not?


Lars said...

looks mean and fierce without the front bumper, i like it. pretty matching with the front lip in my opinion hehe

Rosso said...

LOL. You are the first person who said it is okay without bumper.

Amer A. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amer A. said...

rajin kau diy. lawa lips kau tu bnyk sticker. sticker weber tu ada lagi tak? aku nak 1. hehe

Stanley Carter said...

I'd say keep the bumper on, and yes, you should definitely get the overfenders.

Vince said...

I agree with Stanley, keep the bumper on. It looks better and not to mention it is also safer. The overfender looks good too, just make sure your wheels will match it in the future (if you plan to change new wheels like u always do).

Rosso said...

Amer, sticker Weber boleh beli di PlayHouse Garage.

Stan and Vince, alright. Since 9 out of 10 do not agree with the bumper-less theme, I'll put the bumper back soon! Spacer and overfender project soon!

Amer A. said...

ye ek. tqvm thnks

Amer A. said...

ye ek. tqvm thnks


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