Thursday, January 22, 2009

Goodbye Aftermarket. Hello OEM!

So, this will be the last pic of my 'modified' Getz. Eyelid and bosskit had been sold. GAB coil, still pending payment, spoiler still available, bucket will be transfered to Bumble Bee, OEM steering is returned to its original position, replacing the dished steering. And transfered to Bumble Bee also. Bullet and spacers also had been reserved.

Emm, I guess thats all for Getz. It will become standard back. Doing daily routine in standard form. No more touge, no more track-day, no more beng sound, no more 'racer' looks, no more slammed, etc etc. Kinda sad though. Thinking back when the 1st day I get the car. Now almost 2years, and considered to be mission accomplish coz had fullfiled all my wish list. And return back to original state.

All becoz of the 'new' ride; 808. Damn you! Hahaha.

So, goodbye aftermarket. Hello OEM!

Im sad. T_T

Coz 808 will be a trouble-maker for my pocket. Now also already burn my pocket.


Da Devil said...

patient,after u can get ur hand on tat 808,it will be well me...hehe

Rosso said...

Im sad. Im messy for a while. Stuff to send, stuff to COD, 808's problems, bla bla bla...Deng~

Chrix said...

biasa la.. time to move to a older (better) platform for your purpose.

Rosso said...

The older the better!?

WRONG! Hahahaha :P

Jaguh said...

Now drive getz n stop in front of club kena gelak ar ek haha.. no more pimpin beng ing haha.. Sacrifice bro.. Some ppl eat maggi for a year, but u sell all ur stuff huhu..

Anonymous said...

haha...very 'lovely' getz oready..
just like the old times..

u yang nk jual,just like u said..
unexpected car..rite??

now,saving time!tp our deal,is a deal rite??haha~~


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