Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kg. Gajah Trackday. (Pics for my blog)

Just reached KL few hours ago. Im tired. Im sleepy already. But, I do have fun on the track today! Yes I am! Despite losing the mini race. Today I came here just to have fun on the track and learning how Getz behave under certain pressure. I would like to say thanks to Tougeking for the ride in his CRAAZZZZY-spec KE70 and his gf's ( S = Stephanie right?) drift-spec KE70 (Her car looks standard. Inside out! Seriously!). And thanks also for the guide! It really helps.

At first, I dont have any confidence at all coz all the other cars looks very powerful. I guess Im the only standard kilang spec over there. Nahh.. here's some pics!

TougeKing giving me some racing line guide and a professional guide.

Team 'Pisang'. Dont care. I just wanna have some fun!

Cooling down Getz after being pushed hard.

The slowest, the only auto car, the only Korean car, the only really-standard car, and the list goes on....

I already in the last place even before the race started! TougeKing should put me in front. Barulah fair!!!! lol. Talking bout a sluggish tranny and slow car here. Ish Ish.
My excuse for getting last place :

Before going back to KL. Deflate back the tyres pressure back to normal. TougeKing advised me to put 40psi for front and 35psi for rear for track purpose.


iylia&shafiqah said...

hehehe klau aku ikut..
msti kita 2 geng autobot!

Rosso said...

Hahaha. Betul2. Pegi cari experience je

Chloe~ said...

Hi Amar, I'm S but Im not stephanie, My name is Chloe. Nice to meet you on the track, the pics that u took for us were very nice, thanks a lot!

Hope I can see you next time. :)

I am TK's friend/gf/partner. But not wife.. hahahaha! :D

have a nice day!

Da Devil said...

lolz..nvm..nex time go there wif u...i will be the last...wakaka...dun worry...when got event again?

Rosso said...

Nice to meet you too S!

Next event? Push la TK for another event!

Expenses :

Hotel =Rm150
Fuel and toll(KL- track)=Rm50
Fuel for track=Rm30-50.

Hotel and toll+fuel can be shared if more people follow. :)

Next round!? LETS GO~

Da Devil said...

yea....nex time go wif u lor..if im free...anyway...can juz go in and test drive it on track??dunwan to join the event lar...sure tapao habis habis by others...haha

Rosso said...

Rm100 is for the entrance fee. Wanna join the race or not is up to you. :) Join aje.. kalah pun bangga wat!


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