Saturday, October 4, 2008

Raya Pics

The last time I went back to Kelantan was around.. Hmm.. Maybe 3years ago. Hehehe. SPM thingy, and the last Raya was celebrated at my home. I just returned from Kelantan. And I think, nothing had improve since my last visit to my 'kampung'. lol. Except at Kota Bharu where there is a Tesco. So, here's some pics to be shared.

The first time I saw him, I was like, "who's this?". Now he's 2years old. The last time I saw him was in his mother's belly. lol.

Cameraman also wanna have his pic.

Woot. Canon EOS 400D. Belongs to my cousin. He's a professional photographer. Nice camera, but heavy. Hehehe. I still prefer Nikon though. Much friendly-user. Plus people always ask me, "Eh, kenapa tak beli D60 or D70?". Its not that my father cant afford those, it just that photography is just my hobby during free time. Why should I 'pow' them something expensive, and Im the only one know how to use SLR in the family, and using it for my own purpose. Let me just start photography from the bottom; from the cheapest SLR and having a major disadvantage. Cheap or not, photography isnt just about bragging your expensive camera. Let the pictures do the talking.

The most beautiful person in the family. 3/4 chinese + 1/4 malay. Im 1/3 chinese. Do your math. lol.

His first time seeing a goat. And he does not scared at all. Mbeeekk~~

Coconut tree is quite rare in KL. Pics taken from inside the house.

And from the outside. Different tree.

Name me one place in KL that doesnt have cars on the road. And most important, its QUITE, PEACE, and NO POLLUTION.


Da Devil said...

who is tat lenglui?kinda cute leh...hehe

Rosso said...

My cousin.

Da Devil said...

lucky u......where she lived?KL?

Rosso said...

Hahaha. KL-Pahang.

jaguh said...

Muehehe .. verry hamsap u kazu .. huhuhu .. Best kan balik kampung an .. huhu ..

Da Devil said...

kl-pahang...wei..same as me actual hometown is in cheras,den my current hometown oso in pahang..ahakz...pahang where?kuantan?

Jaguh - adui..dun lar like tat...later ppls scared of me juz a bear...pedobear...wakaka


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