Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ready To Go!!

Well.. Few hours before going. Already got my Getz back from Jaguh. Different rims, new grille, few minor problems had been solved. All courtesy of Jaguh Autoworks. lol. Hehehe. All stuff had been packed up. Wish me luck!

Well.. Im going now.. Tataa...

15' rims. Offset +35. Gotta remove front spacer coz the tyres eating fender already. After remove also still eat fender. Sigh.

Camber setting? Gotta ask Jaguh.

New grille. Neat work from Jaguh Autoworks.


Da Devil said...

time to add wide bodykit...haha...anyway,wat the tires spec??

Rosso said...

The tyres Im using now are Dunlop Formula D01. Quite good for a street tires. I dont feel any major understeer and my car didnt spun at all. :)

iylia&shafiqah said...

tukar rim x btau aku punnnnn
TE eh??


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