Friday, October 31, 2008

Exammm is near

Sigh.. Exam is on Monday and yet Im still didnt study.. Too much of 'Heroes'. Damn, my friend gave me the season one and now Im on the way to season 2. LOL~ My bro also is in a hospital. Dengue. Sigh..Just got the news an hour ago.

Yesterday went out with my college buddies. After 1 1/2 years with them, this is my first time went out with them. Hahahahaha. So, asked Mok to come with us. She's not happy though. She cant go where she wanted coz I have to stick with my buddies.

So have to bribe Mok with a small teddy bear. Sorry I cant afford to buy those big and fluffy teddy bear. The teddy bear is actually a rabbit. lol. Check out Damn this rabbit's cartoon will make anyone laugh for sure! I do have the complete story (vol 1-26), so if anyone near me want it, can hello me and copy from me. More info on Wiki; Usavich

Bowling time~ Sorry blurry pics. Taken by Mok. My score sucks so no need to tell. Haha. Wah, I do look tough. So my effort on work out by sleeping is working actually. lol~

And after that, my buddies trying the steering. Hehehe. I can say they didnt understand the racing's physic and stuff. :P


ieza-->mok said...

onne big ones later...

yeah,got to study now..
exam just around da corner..


thanks for da rabbit..
bear2 n rabbit were friend the edge of my bed...

Hon said...

hi there,
got links to your blog from speedhunters. this may sound a lil awkward..
but i'd like to know, where'd u get the rabbit~?!


oh another thing, considering a transplant? take the 13b. keep it in the mazda family. just my preference. =p


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