Monday, October 13, 2008

Class at 5pm

Every monday, I'll be complaining to myself; why must the class start at 8am, why do we need to wear 'Smart Day' clothing theme, why does my class still got after 4pm? Some more its kinda morale class. Plus the lecturer for this subject is very 'good' at making students fell asleep as he's only reading the slides for god sake.

Im proud of myself coz never felt asleep YET in his class. Despite Im tired + sleepy. So, what do I do to fill up the 2hours class? Being a cheerful guy, I usually will 'kacao' those in front of me, or besides me; by talking cock about anything. Usually the topic is our class politic. God knows how much backstabbing + selfish persons in our class.

* Can you spot the 2sleeping guy?
* Can you spot my 'Best Friend', my nerd friend and my Best Friend's dog?
* Usually if your lecturer is holding a title of 'Professor Madya', you can bet his/her class will be boring and un-interesting.

So, here's our today's activity:

Mok's Myvi. My drawing's sucks~

My buddy tried to draw my car. Although the final sketch is a bit weird. lol.


Jaguh said...

Sit way up front lar , confirm u wont be too bored , ask more question .. if the lect is boring you make the class more intresting , jadi mak nenek mencapap tak berenti pun xpe janji paham my brother ..

The Getz ur friend draw got grill dy weh ... How he know got dy haha ..

Rosso said...

Sit too front and I'll be too close with my Best Friend. I looooove him verry berry much till we cant sit too near. Bad omen.

That is old pic lah, that time still got grill.

ieza-->mok said...

'mawi' looks a little bit mok ar..

bad omen??hish2..
cannot say much..


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