Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jaguh's KEtam

Hehehe. I had sent my car to Jaguh for a proper check-up for this weekend track day and to put on the grills bought by Mok. Looks like Im going to use his car for a week. Happy? Of course. Its a manual car :)

Mok surely will not be happy as the car's air condition is not working properly. lol. Plus noisy and etc etc. Hehehe.


Jaguh said...

Mwahaha .. My KEtam, yesterday tak dpat nak show off KEtam kat cousin2 sumer .. Xpe next yr dah 4AGE baru i show off kat cousin2 sumer haha

Orang gila jer suka nek KEtam nie doe .. Makna nya ko ngan aku gila lar hahhaa ..

Da Devil said... gila je suka kat ketam...suka jalan sideway the way,does tat means u and amar is crazy???

cabutzzzz and hide behind some tree...wakaka

Rosso said...

Kazu = U also crazy coz u r using GK spec car. Cefiro. Soon gonna dump RB20, or maybe RB25. See who's crazier that time?

It mean u r nut too.. lol


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