Monday, October 20, 2008

Kg. Gajah Trackday. (Pics of TougeKing)

Just a few pictures for TougeKing. His car? Damn chun handling. My first time riding inside a 4AGE car. Seriously. Hahaha. All the time, I was riding inside a car with SR20DET and RB20DET only. lol. Sweet moment? No doubt. KE70? Respect! Power power. Hahaha. Faster lah Jaguh! Convert your KE70's engine!

If you ( TougeKing) wanna a copy, dont ask me to email it coz I dont know how to attach them. Sorry, Im not an IT person. Hahaha. But I can send you a CD copy of the event's pics by post I guess. Dont know if can reach safely or not.

Some pics:

S's KE70. (S is TougeKing partner. Girlfriend? Wife? I also dont know.). Oh, dont be fooled by the KE70's appearance! Standard look + standard interior doesnt mean the car is standard!

TougeKing at his best trying to open the bolts.
(Why the picture blur? Damn it. Supposely it's sharp. Click on the pic for sharper image.)

And finally, TougeKing gived up on his rear bolts. Hehehe. Sorry, Im not a helping person at that time. Kekeke.

One of the nicest pic I managed to capture. (Of course, in my opinion lah)

The fastest KE70 on the track.

Wah, later S will smack you 'kaw-kaw.' No doubt. LOL.

Flags up! The race had finished. Talking bout a rare moment on the finishing line.

He bolot all the trophies available. Can belanja me makan besar like this.


Chris said...

TK's face finally revealed! haha

woah..syok la track day, no chance to go also =(

Rosso said...

Hehe. I asked his permission first to post up his pic..

Track day = maximum fun!

Chloe~ said...

Yeah, it was really fun. altho my skin become darker and darker, becoz of the cruel sun.

That's not my KE 70, that is Tk's buddy Yeap's KE 70, the sleeper. :)

I sold mine :( becoz I've no money to get a 16v engine yet!

Da Devil said...

amar...u take TK's changing tire pics!!!u remind me of Josh takes CK's changing tyre on his skyline...haha

dude...nex event..i sure go wif u matter i had to skip lecture or not...argh....but need to use helmet ah?looks like had to buy 1 den...

Rosso said...

S = Chloe!? Not close at all. Hahaha.

Kazu = Told ya~ Next time sponsor me a good tyres and Im volunteering myself to go to the track again and getting last place as usual~ Lalala.

Rosso said...

Helmet is just needed when racing only. Motorcylce helmet also will do. See TK's pic with helmet on. His face = bulat siot!! HAHAHA.

ieza-->mok said...

huhu..real fun there!!
i got darker oready..
nexttime gotta bring sunblock kot..

Rosso said...

Next time, stay with Chloe. Hahaha. Help and hangout with them.


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