Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hahahaha. Finally, my 3rd semester is finish!!!! Wohooo!! Just waiting for final exam in 2weeks. Who cares, I mean what the hell. Right now, I just want to relax for this 2days~

Today's is the most challenging test coz I dont understand all questions. So I ended up being a Rambo and doing the normal thing in our class during exam, tiru lah! Hahahahaha. No wonder all my buddies got almost the same marks! Its not that I didnt study at all. I do study! It just the lecturer's method of teaching kinda sucks BIG time and seriously I dont understand at all what he's teaching since our first class! So, what the hell.. By any means necessary. As long my marks is good~

Its not easy to copy other's answer, trust me! There's a lot of gap between me and other peoples. But as a Rambo, impossible is nothing. HAHAHAHAHA. Typical methods are 'zooming' your eyeball to the max on other's paper but need his/her cooperation lah to do so. The other one is more dangerous; just take his/her paper and put it under you paper, and Wallah! Copy lah! HAHAHAHA. And the most common method is bringing small notes in the pencil box or just take the lecturer's note and hide it somewhere. Wahahaha.

Muka stress by Bin:

E-bal methods of cheating. lol!

Then, after the exam, Mok and me went to Low Yat plaza for a window shopping. Im still looking for a Momo Logitech gaming steering for my Live For Speed sickness. Muahaha. That game helps me a lot with car's racing stuff. Seriously. Mok looking for a SLR. Yay! Manage to get her to like photography.

Lets see.. Canon EOS 450D or Nikon D80?

The some stuff we bought, from a deaf people. He came to us actually while we were eating at Baoz. Tolong-menolong amalan mulia. But, fucking expensive some more.


Da Devil said...

EOS 450D FTW....hands down...hehe

ieza-->mok said...

tiru je...easiest way to finish fast n got so-so marks kah??

nvm,i tiru2 oso...wawaawa

dunno yet la..think will buy nikon D80...perhaps la...

huhu..bout da 'amal jariah' thing..
somehow dat keychain kinda cute oso...hehehhehe
tq to u willing to donate...

Rosso said...


450D only give you 18-55mm lens while D80 give you 18-135mm lens. Price almost the same. My problem now with D40 is that I want a longer lens! Done my survey and 55-135mm lens is RM1000!

So, which one is better? 450D or D80? Calculate it back, you might getting another RM1000 flying on longer lens if you buy 450D! So, maybe D80 ;) Nikon rules here! Muahahahahaha. lol. Kidding~


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