Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Attention -> TK only.. Hahaha.

Im surprised coz my pics suddenly many people want. Coz most of my pics is crappy and mostly I captured is just for kenangan. So, MOST of the pics was my car, your car, and other's car that I knewed(ex: Josh@Babywolfz) OR attractive car(R34, EG, etc) only. I thought nobody is interested with the pics, so that's why I only post a few pics on the internet.

So, these are the risk if you want my pics:
*Some are blurry pics. Need to photoshop a bit.
*Same car's pics. Yours and mine almost 40-50%.
*At the same spot only, coz I cant afford yet to buy a long lense.

Good sides:
*If you want to make a report, my pictures maybe enough to tell how happening the day was.
*Mostly, panning pictures is your car.
*You can help promote my name as a photographer that charged a reasonable price. lol.
*Maybe next time, you can bring me go to event as a photographer cum participant. lol also~

So, if I want to charge, I can charge more. but Im asking for Rm100 only. You can pay as much as you want after looking at the pictures. Depends on your satisfaction. I count it as a first time service coz my intention that day was to have fun on track and taking pics for fun also. Sorry to say, I dont know how to send these stuff except by CD. COD is prefferable but since we both stay in a different state, the best I can think is by post. lol.

There is a risk when Im doing this. Last time, it was for drift event. I had been payed RM100 for a FEW events, and after they are already exposed and famous, they didnt bother to call me anymore which is quite a loss to me. Sigh. I should have been charged them more back then. Coz all the time, in my mind, 'kawan la..tak kan nak charge extra..' In the end, all I can say to myself is 'Habis madu, sepah dibuang'.

Im stupid? Yes, I always been.

Oh, soon I'll buying a longer lense soon, then I will be charging more. Extra fees for my extra equipment. Hahaha. Right now feel guiltylah to charge extra coz Im using a kit lens only :) After this, Im thinking of charging Rm0.50 per photos. Raw and unedited. Like this, for sure Im going to snap more than 500++ pics. HAHAHAHA. lol. Jokin only.

Some original pics. No editing except resizing.

Your friend. Hehehe.


Look like a standard Wira to me.

2trophies and 1 dent mark. Ok la tuu..

I hate Kelisa now. Huh!


Da Devil said...

aduh...len kali i wan ur pics oso need to charge me ady??wakaka...

why hate kelisa?damn fast leh...u jzu need to change to manual,den ur car oso can go damn fast...hehe

Rosso said...

Uih.. Im talking business now. lol~

That kelisa is freaking fast! Argh!


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