Friday, October 24, 2008

Almost the same?

Its not Im the only one who noticed and said it. Even her photographer also said it! Hahaha. What I'm talking about? Its the similarity between Mok and Maria Ozawa. Hahahaha.

Lets see the picture first:

The Mok's look-alike person. Haha. Its the famous AVstar, Maria Ozawa. lol!

And Mok during modelling shots:

Hahahahahaha. Looks almost alike right? Just Mok need to become a lil bit kurus and 'inflate' the 'ehem-ehem' parts. HAHAHAHA. Im 'lucky' after that I guess. Kekekeke.

Just too boring. Still studying. Last-minute study is the best! Keeping you alert and guaranteed to spoil your result. Lalala. Who cares~


ieza not maria ozawa said...

mane same!!
lain gile lorh!!!!!

p/s:got no hot-hot story anymore eh??


Rosso said...

Hehehe. I can say whatever I want here!~



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