Saturday, July 31, 2010

Home Sweet Home.

I am back. Back in KL. Gosh, I miss my room, my speaker, my parents of coz, and I miss KL especially the traffic jam. Gegegegege. So basically I got MC from doctor. Why? Currently suffering a backbone problem. I had been assuming that's the problem until I checked with Doc. Found out that my ligament between my left leg and my back had torn apart..

Thanks to skateboarding and picking up heavy stuffs. So now? I guess no more skateboarding and Doc told me to have a looooooong good rest. No sports, no heavy lifting, and no extreme activity. It is torturing me but I guess I need to bear with it until it is healed again.

Anyway, some updates on Rolla. Shown here is the bay before the engine is fitted. Not bad for a can spray job. Looks cleaner now.

Previous hole from the intercooler piping. Will seal it soon.

And the engine is in. I'm a bit worry with the trumpets with no filter. As for the water line, it had been rerouted using my Silvertop water line.

By yesterday, radiator and most of the stuffs are sitting in their original position already. By next week everything will be settled. I went to check the car myself, the bay -almost no wire at all. Really wireless this time.

The brain; ECU. Previous ECU was from 3S-GTE, and the Blacktop will be powered by its original ECU, Blacktop Auto.

My new 'spender' rims. Will find its 14' match. Either 3-spoke or any old school style rim. I thought it was Advan A3A, but the original brand is Riverside. But still with its zero offset and 8jj, to resist the offer is really hard. Comes with semi slick too!

And some changes for my rear suspension setup. I'll be swapping my previous rear set AE86 coil and absorber for an ACE Suspension adjustable with hi-lo and soft-hard setup. It comes with lifetime warranty too. The AE86 set is on sale at RM300. Just the rear set. Contact me at 012[two] 72 3345 4 if you are interested.

And when I got home, a surprise for me. A brand new Playstation 3! Found out that Dad bought a new TV for his bedroom and this item come with the TV. Free game is FIFA 2010. Unfortunately I am no fan of football game and it seems that at the age of 21, I lost interest in gaming console already. Even my Xbox 360 sitting in my room had been left untouched almost 2months.

Oh, the pain is ruining my daily activity. Is it the sign of me getting old? T_T

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