Friday, July 23, 2010

Tire Malfunction?

Was surfing zerotohundred on one fine evening, and found out this interesting topic.

I never expect a tire malfunction would go this bad.

I mean I had been drifting for awhile, besides me myself destroying the tires and had been experiencing a few type of tire malfunction, but never thought it could be this bad..

Some close up..

Cut and paste from the first post:
GOODYEAR NCT5 TYRE...There is no "steel cord/ply" at the tyre side wall contains only rubber..i'm almost done for when using this tyre, i'm travelling around 85km/h on NKVE when suddenly the whole tyre rips apart at the side wall...the car loose control and skidded side ways, but lucky i manage to gain control, and stop at emergency lane. The tyre is less than 1 year old, and still have decent thread lining on it..i always check my tyre conditions, and maintain my tyre pressure at 30psi..i can't feel any drag or abnormalities before this incident happen, and i'm travelling on a straight, smooth open highway..

Which remind me something similar happened to me before. But the damage was not this bad. Remember this posting Poof! I wrote?

And guess what? The tire brand for both incident are the same! Eagle NCT5. And for a proof that I bought a brand new NCT5, here's the topic I made earlier before 'Poof!'. Foooo, this is a total scary man.

And guess what again? My previous post on Plan B : Blacktop;

I was driving a Honda Jazz (Can see inside the photo) instead of Getz. Getz was left at home for my bro to drive it around. So I took Jazz. Powerful engine, smooth gear change, new rubber (Comfort type), good audio system, and comfortable seat. Will be back to KL in 2weeks.

The new rubber mentioned here are Goodyear NCT5 also. Bought at RM180 per piece. Dad changed the tire without me coz I went out that day. Earlier, I planned to fit in a set of Kumho Ecsta XT just like Rolla's new tires coz the wet and dry grip is good for a cheap price tag. Price would be RM160 per piece.

Got aa? I guess I need to be extra careful from now on especially on highway.


Vince said...

It ain't like you or your dad can not afford better tyres. Trade in the bloody NCT5 and get your self at least a Hankook. I have been using it quite a while and it is really good. So far only 2 hankook that i can recommend.
1) The EVO V12
2) The RS@ (Almost like AD07)

You and your family member life is worth more than 1k.

Rosso said...

He said the shop recommend that brand for Jazz so my dad just agreed with whatever the shop suggest.

So, just use it la for awhile with extra cautions.

Vince said...

"So, just use it la for awhile with extra cautions."

How to be extra careful? Never drive it above 80kmh? :)
I see a lot of NCT 5 in tyre shop selling for cheap, the owner said those are trade in from new cars. So my guess is Jazz :)


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