Friday, July 2, 2010

Replacement Heart?

Today would be the day that I'll be going to Skudai. Will be convoying with my parents around 11am and Im still not sleeping. Great.. Gathering all the old write up and post it bulk is kinda suck but sorry, I am kinda busy lately. Almost everyday went to Wangsa Maju.Wkwkwkwkwk.

Since I swapped my handphone to iPhone, I'd been online almost 24/7 and since then, I'd been busy updating status and posting photos most of the time.. Gosh, iPhone is simply awesome. Love all the applications and the games.

Okay back to story, today I went to JMG to have a look on a 4A-GE engine. And this happened when I start the car. The car was on 1st gear when I started it and the car jumped and almost fell off. Foo, luckily the car didn't fell down.
And this might be Rolla's new heart. A completely stock 16valve TVIS 4A-GE. And my 4A-GTE? It will be on sale soon.
Still got a few options:

*First one is this 16valve engine. Completely stock. The deal is to swap everything to Rolla. Will swap the rack and pinion too and remove my old power steering rack. Also will swap the hood, hydraulic e-brake, and all the perspex glass to Rolla.

*Second choice would be this 20valve Blacktop. Came with Microtech, TRD gearbox with triple plate clutch and all those fancy racing stuffs, and belong to Zul Hachiroku.
*Or the final option is to find a 'lantai' engine; 20valve Blacktop. Bone stock.

Been asking around for opinions, and since I am seeking reliability and I am not going to drift it heavily anymore, most of them told  the 16valve would be a great choice. What do you guys think?


Vince said...

If you plan to drive stock. Then the 16V 4-AGE is a good choice as it is hardy and really last.
If you plan to have some fun on performance then of course the Souped up Black top. (No point getting a standard Black top if you have this).

I would think you can take the stock 4-AGE and have it overhauled nicely so it does not break down as often as you have been. (It should cost less too)
4-AGE is durable in stock form (don't mod it too much, especially the internals). Some intake and exhaust is ok.

Rosso said...

Yea, if everything goes well here in Skudai, I'll be swapping for 16valve for my daily after this. No more drifting hard. Wanna make it reliable transport.


My father had been nagging me to let go the car as it is. He told me to scrap the car. Hahahaha. SIgh, I wish it is that easy.

Vince said...

Your dad is probally right. The car is drift car and that makes it not so reliable. KE70 is a really old car (Older than my SR4).

Not sure that it is worth to convert back to stock as you will need to invest money again and also unforseen problems.

For you i would think the satria neo would be a good choice (2 door and sporty). If you get an old one, you can trasplant a mivec into it. But for stock use the stanrd CPS will already pack enough punch for it.

For reliable and some fun drive, satria neo with some suspension and ultra racing bar will already be good enough. Else if you want an old car then convert the engine to movec or 4G92/93 NA. This will be reliable.

Vince said...

To keep it simple, sell your KE70 (get what ever money still worth in the car. Buy a newer car that is realible enough for you to travel in highway without breaking down. I think your dad will agree with me. It is not easy to get a good condition used car (I am considered semi-lucky).

Hakim82 said...

hi, i am a follower of your blog ~ hearing Vince suggest a SNeo I strongly support that ~ I drove SNeo myself ~ great car ~ with some upgrades it packs a big punch

Rosso said...

Vince, I decided to give a final shot on the 16 valve conversion.. Hopefully it will be a reliable one.

I like the Neo but then I love my Corolla much more that it. Hehehe.

Hakim, tq for visiting this blog. ^^


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