Friday, July 2, 2010

Previous Session II....

This was suppose to be my final run at MARDI and my final drift with Rolla, until the buyer decided to cancel. Zzzzz. Finding a buyer is already hard, and when I got one, then found out that the car got some problems. So fucking great.

So Ariff and some friends came for the so called final run. And all the photo credits goes to Ariff.

We were there at 6pm.


Yeah so much of Corolla. For Sale..

Fake crying coz I thought that would be my last run with it..

Meanwhile, Mike had finished his 2nd set already! Me? No spare sets to burn.

Until late night..

Chit chatting with Cheryl and few friends.

Finished the set and its done for that night.

Off to Mamak for our dinner. Nice meeting y'all!

And that was my final session for Rolla, and now? Rolla has been idle and I didn't drive it around already.

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