Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Its On...

For the second time, I'm doing a 'long distance' conversion. The first one was a total failure. Pay a lot and not so good work. So lets hope this time it wont happen again. Yeah just hoping. Again...

Okay, so Corolla's turn is today. Been queuing for a few days before the workshop can finally focus on her. So, total project should be less than RM5000. That will include a 16v engine, wiring and ECU of course, new extractor maybe, T50 gearbox, an LSD (Not sure whether its 4.1 or 4.3 nor 1.5way or 2way), rack and pinion steering rack, and etc....


And yesterday, I went out with Afiq (One of the blog follower that had been following quite awhile), we met one of the DriftZone JB member (Sorry I forgot your name again..). He bought a 910 with RB20DET and was having alternator problem. So gotta borrow it from DZ member.

Which mean I got a chance to visit a local workshop here in Skudai, to be exact at Taman Universiti which usually do the RB20, SR20, and 4A conversion. So now I knew a place that can be visited next time when Rolla is here.

And found this awesome Corolla while I was there. Really Grant Scott's twin.

Look at this. Niceness.. 14 x 8j?
Belongs to a paint shop owner. Powered by a CA18DET engine. Wireless and everything is spanking new and shining.
And another thing I love here, in UTM is that Wednesday is always a free day. No class at all. Just a curriculum activity which we had done it in UTMKL. So? Less stress than before. I'm loving it!

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