Monday, July 12, 2010

Sweet Sixteen.

After talking to my parents earlier, I'd decided to sell it as it is. I mean no transfer name, or as a track car, or spare part. While my dad told me to scrap it for good. Then I will use the money to buy a scooter so that I can travel much more cheaply in UTM campus. Naza GTR looks fucking nice, or maybe a Yamaha FZ.

Had been searching high and low about the GTR. I must be dumb to let go a 20valve, 200hp machine for a 15hp scooter. Haw haw haw. The GTR looks so nice that I'm willing to let go Corolla for it.

And that was... Last week. Been thinking deep and told my dad to agree with it. Also told him the reason I dont want to let go Corolla is because of its sentimental value to me. I mean I built it. Eventhough its not 100% my effort, its still mine. From a beaten look till it looks new.

Until today, before I left KL and back to JB, just before I go, he told me to replace Rolla's heart. I was like "WTF.. What happened?" He didn't answer me and I guess that's a green light. So, I swiftly called a friend of mine from S18X gang to fetch my car and bring it to workshop to start the transplant process. Hopefully they will update me time to time and already asked Din to keep an eye for Rolla while in the workshop.

Okay, so the new heart will be? 16 valve. I didn't want hassle from the 20valve especially the distributor problem. So that's that. 16v bone stock. TVIS version I guess. Other things that will be swapped is the power steering rack to rack and pinion, all the gaskets and belt, clutch pump, front panel, and LSD.. Hopefully its 1.5 way or 2 way, and a 4.1 ratio for better highway cruising.
Two option, one is from them, or the other one is from a half cut. Both have the same condition, and I'll let them to choose the best one. Hopefully they'll do their best or this will be my last attempt to fix Rolla and for sale again. LOL. Also will endorse it so that it will have less hassle in the future.

This should produce 120hp max? Wahahaha. From estimated 200hp to 120hp? Yeahh.. That's right.
And once the turbo engine is out, I'll put it on sale soon. Some Google job and few reference photos.

And a local example I would like to follow is Din's engine.


Black rocker cover or brushed aluminum?

And one clean bay. Hopefully they will do it as my preferred spec.

Till then. Oh by the way; UTM Skudai is simply awesome. Gotta love your own university and I am loving it!


Mike Kong said...

u can barely get 90hp on wheel with a 16v

Vince said...

Good choice Rosso.

I would recommend to get t proper half cut (Front nose cut) and transplant everything over to your car. This way it will be most complete (more reliable) and more valueable. Keep all the documents of the new half cut (shipping record, reciept.....), you will need it to endorse your car, don't take short cuts (you will regret again).

I would doubt you will sell the car if it is done nicely :). I know i would not sell mine.


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