Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On The Floor..

Got an email today from my friend, telling me whats the update on Corolla.
Looks like both engine is on the floor already. Silverturbo had been 'scavenge' to 'complete' its younger brother, the Blacktrumpet. They took back my new alternator, and the timing belt. Also, the gearbox had been fitted into the Blacktrumpet.

Engine bay had been prepped for a spray can treatment. And they found out that my power steering is still in good condition. The leaking came from the engine actually. Hmmm. No comment on that, but I am still swapping to rack and pinion.

Almost there...
And the cost estimation for this conversion:
The 20v Blacktop, wiring and ECU = RM1800.
Workmanship for swapping engine, wiring, and axle = RM1000.
AE86 LSD 1.5way with 4.1 ratio = RM1200.

And some missing parts for this project are:
*Extractor. I want the Tonkka but my friend told me to hold it first; coz of the budget constraint.
*Exhaust piping (Still unsure whether can reuse back or not. Current size is 2.3' if I'm not mistaken.)
*Engine, gearbox and LSD oil.
*Radiator coolant.
*Spray can.

Notice the dirt? Well that came from MARDI for sure. My axle, long shaft, the gearbox, and also the bay had been smudged with dirt.

I hope the compressor work coz Miss Amalina cannot stand heat. Lol.


zamildrift said...

LSD tu sekali dengan axle ke ape? Rege tak tahan tuh kalau dgn axle.

Rosso said...

Whole stuff including axle
with brake disc.. Hehehe.

zamildrift said...

Kejam...kejam...aku je tak dapat2. T_T

Rosso said...

Hehehe. Axle dengung ak dia trade in. Just ganti gear dalam tu dah fully function AE86 axle semula.



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