Friday, July 2, 2010

Life Besides Rolla.

I had totally left Rolla unattended at home for awhile. My current life kinda great now, so gotta enjoy it while I can.

So where I had been?

I went to Malacca. Nice weather as usual.

River Fiesta.

Mini Eye on Malacca.

Someone seem to enjoy the trip.

And we went to PD too..

A frequent visit to IKEA...

Ariff's house kinda near to IKEA.

Meatball and Chiken Lemon Herb..

And some bowling action. Okay so we both lose to Amalina.

Dad hired me for a family photoshoot.


My parents.

And guess what? I'm back with my old trusty skateboard! Shots were taken during the Go Skate Day 2010.

Rainy day unfortunately.

360 flip yo!

Nosey slide.

Shah Alam Skatepark..

K- Grind..

Flash Test..

My old friend, Taki..

And off to Sunway.. Gosh the ticket price is over expensive now..

And swim till flat..

And after the problem came out, I had started to find a replacement engine.. My final result would be a 4A-GE 16v stock.. And this happened on my first day searching. LOL. More on it on the next post!

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