Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Plan B : Blacktop.

Was about to get a good deal of 16 valve that came with new timing belt and clutch plate when someone else bought it first. Huargh. Already asked my friend to source another 16valve but most of em came with an expensive price tag. So, we initiated the second plan, which is the 20valve Blacktop.

Rolla on jack-stand again.. This time to swap the engine and also the steering rack.

And the 20v turbo engine is out already. And it is up for sale. Anyone interested with it can contact me. The package include:
*Turbo, blow off, intercooler, piping and extractor.
*Wiring and ECU.
*Power steering rack (leaking a bit..)

And say hello to the new engine; 20valve Blacktop. Currently I'm searching for a set of trumpets for the individual throttle body and an extractor for the conversion.
And another view. Hopefully it will serve me right.
And finally, some random shots while I'm on my way back to Skudai. Been traveling from JB to KL for 2 weeks straight. I'm a 'home' boy for sure. Was having my lunch at R&R Pagoh. Mee Rebus Special with a breezy weather and superb landscape sight. What a day. And to add up the traveling joy, I was driving a Honda Jazz (Can see inside the photo) instead of Getz. Getz was left at home for my bro to drive it around. So I took Jazz. Powerful engine, smooth gear change, new rubber (Comfort type), good audio system, and comfortable seat. Will be back to KL in 2weeks.


Vince said...


I would suggest you to just get a standard conversion done for the KE70 and sell it off. Getting the 20V may not be a good choice as it is not exactly the right engine for KE70. If you have a Jazz, you can forget about KE70 if you do not plan to drift anymore. Unless you still want to drift.

Mike Kong said...

blacktop seems to be a better choice for KE70 to me. due to the extra power gain and the engine is definately newer than the 16v series thus less chance for engine failure.

Rosso said...

When its done, if the car feel kinda too 'racy' for daily use, then I'll just leave the car at home. My bro will take care of it.

If it feels good, then I'll bring it to JB.

Mike, I still want a 16v.. Huahua..

Mike Kong said...

seriously we should have swapped engines....

Rosso said...

Lemme feel the 20v Blacktop first ehh Mike!!!

p/s : Mike, if u were me, should I take Tonkka or your RSM first? I mean, I can go with custom local extractor and hav fun with gadgets or should I spend it on branded extractor? Dworks quote below RM1000.

Mike Kong said...

local custom will never get the flow...tonka does give a damn about equal length extractor...


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