Friday, December 4, 2009

The Power of Will Part 1 3/4?

Mom spotted in the photo. Love both of my parents! XD

Instead of taking a recondition version from Naza World, we went to the Auto Bavaria. And maybe there's a changing in the plan. Whatever their plan is, I wanna cop the driver seat. XD

Naza World version:
2008 model.
400+ km milage.
Showroom car in UK.
UK model @ cold climate version.
1 year warranty.
GPS, radio, and TV is not working in Malaysia.

Auto Bavaria version:
2010 model.
Brand new.
Hot climate version.
2 years full warranty, 3 years free services.
Tailor and custom made interior depending on your liking.
Need to wait around 2-3 months for ordering it from USA.

Anyone have any experience using BMW or continental cars? Mind to share coz Dad assigned me to get more info bout this continental car.


kyujyuin2010 said...

bmw,the price u buy today, rm300k,if u decided to sell it 2moro,the price will maybe be around 200k or less...just 40cent

Rosso said...

Icic, had already asked the salesman.

The 'susutnilai' is 10% per year from the current price for this model.

Coz the next gen of X6 will be maybe 6-7 years from now.

kyujyuin2010 said...

what have i always told u....research!research! go to bmw forum,read and ask the user there

Rosso said...

Okeh.. Thank you bro! :D

Anonymous said...

read this now... he asking ppl to delete... that means his wrong la his a con

bryan chin a con artist???

Rosso said...

Err.. No comment on that..

Anonymous said...

no need to comment just becareful when dealing with him

helmi ibrahim said...

hmm...X6 eh?

cun3. RM700k eh? beli kat Auto Bavaria@ Naza memang mahal, tapi berbaloi. waranty yang bagus, servis yang baek.

mak aku beli kat grey importer je harituh. beza 200k gak ah.

contoh E240 kalo kat naza RM400k++

kat greyimporter RM200k++.

cuma waranty 3bulan je.


Rosso said...

Skang tinggal Naza VS Bavaria.

1 year VS 3 year.

Maybe opt brand new one.

Tq for sharing.. So far ada problem tak?

kev said...

have u consider audi q5? although its small, its nimble and good cc savings and great dsg gearbox. nothing a bmw gearbox could be as good as a vw one

and also, an autobavaria one is better, as the warranty is better and the car is aclimatised to our weather, so pick that one

Rosso said...

Wah, I never knew that there's Q5. I only knew the Q7.

Unfortunately, my mom doesn't like the front grille which I think it is very sexy.


Anonymous said...

damm...spoilt brat rupanya.
be a man. buy ur own shit using ur own money.

Rosso said...

Betul betul betul..

Aku pun dok kumpul duit nak tuka kete ni.. :D

Tomiya Takato said...

Top-Gear did a review of it recently

Cool car.

Tomiya Takato said...

Oh wait, that's a X5 M my bad hahaha

Rosso said...


Almost the same lah. Hahaha. ^^


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