Friday, December 18, 2009


The specs:

Its a Toyota Corolla KE70 DX . Which mean it has a round headlamp and chrome bumper. Which most likely I will swap it with GL face lift and retain its chrome bumper.

The heart? Its the 4AGE Silvertop 20valve with 4 throttle and with some bonus, a turbo. And its JPJ approved. So less one hassle but the turbo hassle is unknown. It was already drifted and got some minor crash at the front. So the car need to be send to body shop to pull it back.

The rest? Body still OK, paintwork can be hold for a while. And one thing Bee doesn't have and this car have are aircond and radio that is working. Hahaha. Using S13 front adjustable, along with the brake system, which mean 13' and 14' will not fit. Hmm.

Still cant decide it yet, some said OK, some said not so OK.. Hmm. Every votes counted. So, still cant make a decision. Will think for a few days.

Oh, a new semester started already and I still didn't have any mood. Huah. Why I changed my mind from RB20DET to 4AGE? Coz I'm afraid that I cannot afford to fill up the car for my daily riding. And of coz with great power, come great responsibility. Which clearly, Im NOT a responsible person. Hahaha.

And big thanks to the Freedom Spec crews that had been accompanying me today when checking out the car, and also for the feedback. Appreciated it.


Intan A. Shah said...

nti ko wat satu cntik2, jual kat aku! ok?

Rosso said...

Hahaha. Tunggu aku beli, aku bwk ko jalan2 skali ekk... :P

Vince said...

Hi Rosso,

Are u serious about drifting? KE70 is a good car for drifting but it have very heavy body. Even when you dump in a 4AGE it is still need high speed to initiate a drift.
The car as you mentioned has been drifted, banged and has turbo. Sounds like a sweet deal when it says comes with full drift spec but you need to know a Silver TOP 4AGE with turbo may not be so reliable as the Original Black Top 4AGE.
The KE70 you mentioned could be ex-TK car which is already in very bad shape. I would suggest you to buy a stock standard KE70 (2k~3k) and work on it. You can learn to drift using the stock 4K engine until it blows then drop a 4AGE(AE86 standard) or a 20V Black Top into it (This 2 is very reliable stock engine; even if over rev it won't blow).
I believe by now u already know the problems you have with BEE, you might end up the same.
If you want to have a nice car to drive, with a little bit of tail happy time; then i would suggest you to get the mazda maita (quite reliable).

Rosso said...

Not so serious this time I think. I rather be a poser this time. Kui3.

Just minor crash. Maybe hit the barrier. Huah. Still cant decide.

Im not going to rebuild another car this time. Enough with that one. For now.

kev said...

theres a te72 with 4age if ur interested, go check out mudah, lol

anyways, ke70 is up to u. parts are aplenty and never worried about blowing ur wallet, haha


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