Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ampang's TT Time..

Cut and paste photos from Chinoi's blog since he's da one who's taking photos.

I'll just translating it to my English version. Credits goes to him. Thanks for the photos buddy.

I arrived late at Pandah Mewah's Shell around 10pm. They had been waiting from 9pm. Kekeke. Sorry guys. Traffic jam + woke up at 9.15pm and other excuses. And only 5 people came. Usually it's around 5-10 people. Maybe everybody went for a holiday trip.

Close up of my engine bay from his camera. Dirty. I'm thinking of a yellow rocker cover since I cant paint the car with yellow. Hehe. So this is a 4AGE 20v in case you're wandering how it looks like. Mine is Silvertop. The improved version of this is Blacktop if I'm not mistaken.

And this is the renowned 4AGE 16v. Redtop I assume. Guess from what car is this engine from?

Tofu car! Damn, every aspect of this car is a masterpiece to me.

And my Rolla. Soon to be white.

And one of the mad KE30 in town. Powered by CA18DET. I wonder how does the engine get endorsed? Hahaha.

Chinoi's new ride. Fresh paint. Looks good! He owned a Mazda 808 wagon too. Soon a Toyota Celica TA22 maybe?

And one of the loudest Datsun in town too. Hahaha. With Subaru scoop some more. I wonder how does he did the Boxer engine sound..

And thanks to the friendly owner of the 86, I get a chance to sit inside this legendary car. Hehehe. Love it! Tofu style attempted.

Even Chinoi's having fun too. Lucky him, the owner let him take the car for a spin. Envy envy.

Again, thanks to Chinoi. You guys can check out his KE30 and his Mazda 808 Wagon adventure at here.

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