Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final day in 2009.

Well, today after my class, I went back to my home. Around 11am. Too early to rest. So I went down and was doing some spring cleaning for Rolla's interior. And also fixing up the harness. Less messy this time. Rear seat is too dirty. Will find a better one once everything is done.

My N3 Fast front lip arrived yesterday. For those who are interested with this lip, the price is RM 200. Item is from Retro Bodykits.

I also took the opportunity to clean up the engine bay. Didn't dare to remove some of the wires and what not, so just surface cleaning. Would love to hide all those wires if possible.
Also, I went to post office to renew my insurance. And as expected, they didn't want to renew mine coz their quota is full. So went to other insurance agent, also full. Try the other two, also full. What the fuck is wrong with these companies? I want to pay them for my insurance also don't want. So, will try again on Saturday since tomorrow is New Year.

Bought this hand phone holder to record my onboard drifting. Would love to try this stuff on my next drift run. Hope this time this stuff will not detached under high speed cornering just like my old holder. Cost me a hand phone coz it fell on the track and consider it total lost. Hahaha.

My new handphone is cheap and multi function. Love it. It's Nokia 5800 Express Music. And the video recording is quite good.


Dennis Tan said...

silver top with 4agze block and silvertop wiring~ *_* bro, you running on management or stock ecu with e-manage???

welcome to the 4AG club bro~ hohoho~

btw, a very happy new year to all ya~

Rosso said...

Dennis, the owner told me its MR2 ECU. Is it a problem?

Should I take any extra precaution or change something so that it will become less problematic?

Happy New Year to you too.

Stanley Carter said...

Rosso, if you're going to drift, just put the hp in your pocket or something, placing it on a hp holder was never a good idea, I still don't think that'd hold.

Rosso said...

If I put it in my pocket, how do I record it then? Kekeke.

Will try slow speed drifting first before trying faster..


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