Monday, December 28, 2009

Busy Saturday..

On Saturday, Chinoi came to my house with his nice KE30. The objective of the day was to pick up some stuffs from a few abandoned KE70, to pickup Ipin of Freedom Spec's crew, to find some DX stuffs, to get a price quotation from the paint shop, and finally thanks to Bro Jebb (or is it Jepp?) of Bukit Antarabangsa for lowering the idling rev (now 1.3k) and lowering the boost to 0.6 bar.

The shop owner checking out the car and giving a good price for painting it. Will send it once all stuffs arrived.

The color that I had chose is Gading White.

Dunno whether I should fit this duck tail or not..


Stanley Carter said...

Going for the black bonnet look or not? ^^

budak kecik said...

gading white?

Rosso said...

A big no! All white.. Suci murni and clean. Hahahaha. Wanna spray the intercooler to black too.

Yep Anis, Gading White. Ada kuning sikit.


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