Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Decision..

My toy model almost done.. Hehehe. Red color does suit KE70.

Anyway, here's the real deal. After thinking and talking to a few friends, I had decided to take the risk of buying this one. Uhh, hopefully everything's OK. Just paid off the deposit, so will get the car in 2-3days maybe.

Interior wise? Complete and OK-OK maybe.


Da Devil said...

i wan a ride in it!!!!wakaka

Rosso said...

Sure can bro! :D

Mobilespeed said...

bile keta merah ni boleh tsuiso ngan KE70 ako?

baru sarung rim Altezza nieh...he he he!

Rosso said...

Ingat nak cat semula la nanti. Hehehe. Ko gam ke rim tu?


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