Friday, December 25, 2009

Traffic Jam is No Good.

What on earth is happening to KL traffic nowadays? Was going out around 8-9pm something and I was on MRR2 heading to Ampang. And it was jammed like it is 5pm on working day. I usually got the unexpected traffic jam these days. Im tired of living in KL area. Long stretch of cars and the best part was the Rolla's clutch is freakin' heavy to press.

So I'm assuming that Rolla is equipped with racing clutch. So, as a result? Crammed leg now. And soon my left leg will be much stronger and muscular than my right leg. Haha. Was bored, so I snapped a dashboard photo.

Most of the time the revving is around 1.4k to 1.9k RPM (Is it normal?) and it will drop a lil bit if I switched on the aircond. Water temperature is normal I guess. Around 60-70 degree depending on the weather and traffic. Idling boost is around -0.6 and -0.4. And the battery's voltage is around 12v-12.5v.

And the welded diff noise is annoying too when the speed reached 60km/h and above. Huah. Will change to 2way LSD when I got some spare money.

So, my mum suggest me to paint the car with Mettalic or Pearl White since she want all of the cars at home to be white. I want an Orange Yellow color, but I guess I'll go with white to fulfill my mum's wish. And she asked me to change the plate number to 3345 too so that all the cars will have the same number. Will try to ask Mr. JPJ bout this matter soon.


Da Devil said... was the vacuum read?u 4age on racing cam?hmm...shpuldn't be tat high right?around 1k is still normal i guess..previous setting the owner make it high?

Da Devil said...

oops...silap..vacuum pula..ur car got boost meter...4age T rite?wakaka,den u can try ask mayb Ian,last time his car was running on 4agze

yasin said...

wow idle 2k rpm.... biasenye enjin sejuk je idle tinggi camtu... you should do something bout it... baru jimat minyak sket :)


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