Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tyre Shop Visit.

Pussy offset (+39) rims with extra wide fender. Hahaha.

So, finally got a time to fit in the 1inch spacer.

And also swapping my rear rim with the Advan Oni. Offset is around +15.

How's the stance? Im thinking of retaining the wide fender.


mhd faris said...

new car ke bro?
4AGE 20V BOT TURBO tuuuuu

Anonymous said...

hey i think your one stupid idiot... sell one junk and buyes another one??? really stupid....

you said now you making money right??? why didnt buy a nicely fully done up ke70??? or why didnt buy a better car FC or something more nicer expensive???

i see it can only be 2 things one is your stupid...
or 2 is your lying bout the making money thing and your actually not making much... if you really making much you will have money or maybe you saying you making money to get people to join your skim???

are you really making money??? where is the X6 or X5??? or just naza take photo to fool ppl???

Rosso said...

Faris, yep .New car..

Dear beloved Anonymous,

I'm stupid? If I do so, did I cause you a problem? Or is it you are the one who's stupid for making a stupid statement?

Yes, I'm making money right now, but do I have to spend ALL of it on a car? That's much stupider than keeping some of it. If I'm buying a KE70 for drift, what's your problem? Cheaper spare parts, and less hassle if to compare to brand new car. Is it smart or is it stupid?

Wat the fuck you're talking bro? Oh, I forgot. I didn't update the X6 story. They bought it already last week. In 2-3months it will arrived. See, that's why people have FaceBook to see other people updates. Blog is just for my updates, my personal area.

Hey, you know what. Keep bombarding with your stupid statement and while I'm making more money per week.

And another thing, if you DON'T like reading my blog, fuck off. Click the X button please. Keyboard warrior SUCKS.

Anonymous said...

before learn to make money learn how to spell...

Its keyboard warrior's suck...not keyboard warrior sucks... spend some of that money going for english classes???

Rosso said...

Dude, whatever your point is, (Actually you don't have one), you sucks. Or according to your English, you are suck. Or whatever it is.

You don't even have a point to argue. What's the relationship between your first point and the second one?

Your fist accusation, I'm not making money, I'm lying bout the car, I'm stupid coz I buy KE70 (LOL).

Second point, use the money to go to English class. Check your SUPER English first before checking mine.

Till then, have fun typing. Do me a favor, click the X button and stay away from my website. I don't need your traffic in my blog.

Rosso supporter said...

Anonymous... who do you think you are to judge him? Up to him lah if he wants to buy what ever he wants... Ppl like you are not needed ANYWHERE

kyujyuin2010 said...

what car he wanted to buy,its his right laa...his money his choice..

kyujyuin2010 said...

btw oi!royalti...pkai ayat aku sekali lagi hahaha

Da Devil said...

u running on wat set up for ur tyres?

woohhoo...bro,u got hater juy like tomiya...damn...u all getting famous,i still din hav even 1 hater,even my gf got 1 hater ady..wakaka..

bro anon,aiya,why u so beh song(sakit hati)?dun like dun read,dun care juz go...wat for comment so long,i guess u really like his blog and wanted to see the X6 pics...

Rosso,kasi gambar tu upload cepat skit...bro anon ni dah tak sabar nie...haha

Stanley Carter said...

rosso, keep the wide fender for sure!

I'm also running pussy offset wheels, even pussier than yours actually LOL!

Rosso said...

Enche Mark II, borrow sekejap saja ayat tu. Kena pulak ngan situasi kan.. Hehehe.

Kazu, will post the pics now. Setup? Hahaha. I dont do any setup that day. Just play... Forgot to fill in some gas for front. Kekeke. Tyres were flexing like shit.

Stan, I think I will potong those wide fender in order to fit the wide arch of Retro Bodykits. Tomorrow, the boss will came to measure the fender and giving me the right size.

Why don't you try some spacer. Really a good investment to me. ^^


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