Monday, December 28, 2009

Rolla's 1st Sideways..

Was suppose to relax at home today. Haven't got a day to rest this few weeks. Huargh. So, Din Longchamp called me today and asked me to join him for some sideways fun at Shah Alam. Not interested to join till he said he got some 15' tyres for me. Huargh. 4 pieces of em some more. Thanks man!

So, we waited at the Batu Tiga petrol station and the last person to arrive is Mr. Tanabe with his AE86 Tofuu! The same car that I had a chance to sit few days ago.

And again, Din bought a set of Longchamp again! This time more offset and hippari style. Looks uber cool!

We arrived at the local drift spot. People called it Extreme Park of Shah Alam I think.. Local group called the Budget Drifter usually came to practice here. They were super friendly too.


And thanks to the Mr. Tanabe for giving me a chance to drift with his Tofuu AE86. Totally different handling feeling and raw power from the 4AGE. Love it!

And officially, Rolla had been drifted. The power is there, but I need more improvement when handling the car. Still didn't familiar with the characteristic of Rolla. But I think Din's Rolla's handling is much better when I tested it at MAEPS the other day.

One of the member of Budget Drifter told me that the Advan Oni is up for sale. I don't have any intention of buying it, but after the owner told me the price (Good one lah..), and they even try to fit it in. Looks good with the fender, so.. after thinking for awhile, I took the rims along with one inch spacer too.

So, here's the spacer. Japan made and 1 inch thick. Thinking of putting it on front rims so that I get more angle and wider stance.

Oh, here's some lame video of mine when testing the track. My lil brother recorded it. Sounds like he's having fun inside. Ignore the laughing and what not. Hehehe.

Here's the link.


Stanley Carter said...

Its good to see that you can finally enjoy Drifting at its fullest now. Looking forward to more drifting reports from ya.

Rosso said...

Yea man. I feel much better now. :)

Cant wait for the finished product soon! :D


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