Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rolla Rolla.

Ok, so today I went to pick up my new car and also kinda scary coz paying it cash. Hahaha. Thanks to my roomate and my toilet mate for accompanying me to do the transaction. Emm, will change the owner's name by next week I guess. Driving feeling? Awesome. Never in my life got a chance to drive a turbo car. So it was a good and new experience for me.

So, here's my first day with her. Still need a list of restoration. Need a bodywork. Huhu.

Messy engine.. Maybe need a new blow off valve and some check up. Hopefully everything will be OK.

The boot. Noisy fuel pump, surge tank and the battery. Make me dizzy after awhile inhaling the fuel fume. Hahaha.

One of the earliest person that came to check out the car is Din. And again, he had a new set of rims. Longchamp.. LOL. So from now, I'll be calling Din by his new nickname, Din Longchamp! And he's the responsible person that had been poisoning me to change to try 4AGE.

And as a start, my fender mirror had arrived. Yay.. More update soon! :D

Oh, as usual. I had created a blog just to fill up with this car's updates. Y'all can check out here.


yasin said...

bunyi fuel pump mmg macho!

Rosso said...

Macho, tapi kalo dok inhale fuel fume? Haa? Tak elok ntok kesihatan. Kekeke.

xmizanx said...

wow great stuff

Chris Yip said...

hehe now we sama sama main 4A


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