Friday, April 2, 2010

Cable Plug Issue Solved & New Tyres.

So today as promised, the shop got the ordered cable plug back and I went there to pick it up. Excitement began.

Here's the cable plug. Very red, very smelly (silicone smell), and it is a custom made too.

Here's a comparison between my old NGK Power Cable and the new Arospeed cable plug. The coil to distributor is the only problem actually.

Done fitting! One hell of a set of thick and stiff cable making it much harder for my hand to squeeze in into the distributor at the back. Hahahaha.

Crank the engine and its alive back! Wohoo. So, warmed up the engine and test drive it. Power delivery is awesome. Really smooth. I can feel the difference. And also, I cable tie all the cable so it wont move around and route it to stay far from the water line.

And since tomorrow there is an event, and my front tires are in bad shape, I went around Serdang area to find a new and affordable tires. Hehehe. Don't want to enter KL on Friday. That would be a suicide idea. Was looking for a set of Maxxis Victra but couldn't find any Maxxis shop nearby. Until I found this as a replacement. A set of Kumho Ecsta XT. Tread wear is 320, traction also AA and Mike said just give it a shot since he also never tried it.

Earlier, I was planning to find either Maxxis Victra, then think of Yokohama Parada too but few friends gave a bad feedback bout that particular Parada, then Yokohama AD07 which shop said there's no more in production, and finally AD08 which cost me a big bloody bomb. Oh, anyway, the Ecsta XT cost me RM160 per piece. Affordable la this one..

Fitting tyme.. Also was checking out the brake pad and suspension. No leakage so far and brake pad still has 50% thickness.

Previous tire. Camber effect. Dangerous isn't it? Anyway, the thinnest part of the tire is the outer part. Too much playing on one side made this.

If only I can do some drift and finished out the remaining balance of this. Hehehe. What a waste!

And, also make an observation for the DIY heat shield and air funnel. The area outside the heat shield is pretty hot, while the air filter area remain cold. So there's one improvement. Then, while driving, found out that the temperature had dropped a bit. Normally during day driving, the temp would be at 69-71 degree. Now, the temp dropped by 1-3 degree. So, there's the second improvement. Hehehe. Will go to foundry to make this custom made one soon.

Went back home and wash my car for tomorrow's event. And waiting for my Ultra Racing rear bar to arrive too tonight. Wohoooo.

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