Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today is the day..

That I finally finished my 3 years of diploma study in Civil Engineering. 3 years of experience. Good, bad, sweet, bitter, sour. You name it, I'd tasted it already here. Finally will be leaving UTM for real. I'm gonna miss it. Miss my room, roommates, my toilet, my locker, my parking lot, my classmates, the cafe's food that sucked big time (LOL), the expensive mini-market, the guards, and everything.

3 years there, exposed to different kind of elements had made me more mature, and more independent. And another big thing along this 3 years staying at UTM, was Mok and me didn't last long enough, I guess that's part of life process eh? I learned mine, she learned her, and I definitely know what to do next time. Har har har. Although still pissed with it, but what the hell aite? Go on, move on like everyone told me. Kekeke.

And finally, my next stop? Still dunno. Mum told me to rest for a year and concentrate to the business before returning back to campus life. Dad told the same thing too. Me myself? What do I want? I dunno. I wanna learn more about automotive, but unfortunately my study line now is in Civil Engineering. Few subject that interest me are structure engineering but the calculation is like mad, technical drawing also good, and etc etc.

First day of freedom? Where did I went? Well, next topic we'll cover it.

Finally? Well, I miss my campus life already. This 2-3weeks, I'd been joining my friends studying at cafe. Thanks guys for sharing your knowledge. Good memory with y'all. Especially this semester. A lot of trip, a lot of issues, a lot of gossip, and what not.

See you guys again somewhere, somehow, somewhat later.

Some of them.

My usual hangout place. Bin's room. Our cyber cafe too.


Lab mate.


This year's MPG.
 Birthday celebration. Hahaha.
Our cafe and the cats.



xmizanx said...

have a nice experience and dreams... gud luck


Rosso said...

Thanks buddy.


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