Wednesday, April 7, 2010

'I Just Can't Get It..'

First of all, I think I HAVE to share this. It happened anywhere and everywhere I bet. Had been thinking bout this situation for awhile now. And finally someone made the article. In a PROPER way. Written by Joe 40cents. To those who know him or have met him, you'll get the idea what he's talking bout. +3 for you Joe!

case 1

a : "dude you should lower your car"
b : "cannnoooooot. later hard to drive. functionality all gone. cannot turn properly. handling all gone"
a : "owh so you drive daily?"
b : "no no no. are you crazy?? petrol will kill me! i have another daily car"
a : "owh ok so enter competition???play circuit or anything like that??"
b : "no just street oni, go gathering, street race and stuff"
a : "then why the fuck are you worried about functionality and handling??"
b : "errr..but later speed humps how??"
a : "owh ur housing area got a lot of humps eh??"
b : "not really. the road is quite good.."
a : "so why the fuck cant you lower your car?"
b : "errr.....yeah actually i`m a faggot"
a : "yeah that is the exact answer you should gave me earlier"...

case 2

a : "shit dude, how wide are those tyres??"
b : "335/35 r compound on a 12 inch wide"
a : "shit the max i run for my 12j is 255/35 must be fucking expensive rite?"
b : "yeah dude. cost me around 5g for a pair of those"
a : "damn. ur cefiro must run some serious power and enter some massive competition"
b : "not really. my engine is bone stock aside from the fmic, exhaust and hks filter. and i didn`t even enter any comps"
a : "so why spend 5g when you don`t have to??"
b : "actually i didn`t feel it wasn`t necessary either. but all my friends in my carclub recommended me these. they said its good."
a : "so you need to rely on a bunch of faggots to tell you on how you should spend your money on??"
b : ", i ask for their opinion oni since i`m not that good at tyres"
a : "why dont you just fuckin use google??? u know internet is not just for porn"
b : "uhmmm....actually i`m retarded."
a : "indeed"

case 3

a : "shit dude look at your engine setup man. fuckin explosive!"
b : "yeah. i spent almost 100k for the entire car. drifting setup bro. even my workshop name is inspired from a drift competition"
a : "and look at that sponsor sticker all over your car??!! this is one sick s15 bro"
b : "yeah i managed to get a lot of sponsors"
a : '"for real?? damn dude, u must have won something before??? i bet you won a lot"
b : "actually i don`t even qualify on the last comp."
a : " you havent won anything before at all??"
b : "not really. car keep giving me problems."
a : "sounds like technical problem. u know la nowadays workshops talk big oni. when do, dunno. you don`t have any other car??"
b : "actually i do. rotary powered bro. brap brap brap"
a : "cool. drifting setup also i bet. u must have won something with this rite"
b : "yeah drifting also. and actually havent win anything. not used with the power band"
a : "dude u complained a lot."
b : "what to do. i didnt even like to drift that much. i drift because it seems to be the 'in thing' rite now and my dad has a lot of money. i guess i am a retarded faggot."
a : "yeah dude. u`re much more gayer than elton john."



Da Devil said...

ooo...soooo joe 40cents..wakaka
long time din saw those guys ady..haha

Rosso said...

Still TT-ing at Sunway now every Sat. Should come la once in a while.


Kyle said...

hahahaha awesome post!!!

ellmiesupreme said...

case yg 3 tu panaaaaassssss....

yasin said...

case 3 sounds familiar.... hmm

zamildrift said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
zamildrift said...

Case number 3 tu aku rase aku tau sape hahaha.

Mike said...

semua tu macam aku je...terasa la!!

Rosso said...

No, I don't think he dedicated this to someone.

Me myself is in case 3! Hahahaha. Mike in 1,2, & 3. Keekekekkee.

Mike said...

hahaha ur 1 and 3 lar ammar...i am 1,2 & 3. so power sikit from u...hahahaha

if u wanna be like me, then tukar la rim 17"

Rosso said...

Hehehehe..17'? Dont think so. Later cannot drift at all..

Terus jd poser!

Mike said...

come join me as a poser...

Mike said...

come join me as a poser! poser baru dpt awek 1 mar...

Rosso said...

Takpe. Adela awek tu nanti Mike..


dorifto_demon said...

holy shit..
this stuff is in everyones blog..
oh and i DID NOT dedicate any of them cases to anyone in particular..
BUT, if somehow, someone feel offended..
i`m sorry..



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