Friday, April 16, 2010


I hate delaying new updates coz when I update it, it will be a bulk update! Every time I do it, it will be two or three new topics at one time. Thanks to the exam and lack of internet line, I cannot post it on time. Ok, so Rolla is not with me currently. Where she went?

Currently at Jeembo's Garage for some repairs. So, why now? Actually I fed-up already with the leaking here and there. And also regularly topping up the engine oil is expensive! So already told them to change all the gasket, also the power steering leaking issue. Asked them to replace whatever leaked it. And anyone noticed that Rolla's axle become too noisy now?

Well after they checked and test drove it, they found the source already! Actually the axle is still in good condition despite some noise (Bearing maybe?), what make it so loud is the bushing at the long shaft broken into pieces already. So, another thing that will be replaced too.

And last thing to be done?

Wiring! After constantly being reminded by Mr. Movin & Joe 40sen, finally got a chance to do the wiring back. Hope they'll do some magic to this messiness. Not hiding the wires, just clean up the messiness.

And got this front spoiler back! Will fit it back to Rolla. Brand new one. Thanks to Retro Bodykits for sending it to me. Oh, another one is for Din Longchamp.
Lubed all my metal tools to prevent it from rusting and etc.

More tools and some stuffs!

Usual routine for DIY-ing the rims. Cleaned it up and dried it.
Then sand it lightly to remove dirt and top layer of surface.

Undercoat it, paint it, and clear coat it. And dried it!

Nice? Well, I like it!!!


Kyle said...

Mmmmmmm nice respray !!!

Rosso said...


Thanks man! =)

Stanley Carter said...

After you car's out of the workshop, you should pay another visit to Genting + all 4 Fluorescent wheels, I need some update on the wallpaper! ^^

Rosso said...

Erm. Yea, maybe after Rolla is fixed, can go another round in Genting soon. But first, will do a proper photoshoot at Putrajaya first. Wanna try to make a masterpiece.



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