Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bringin Down the Engine?
 OK, so today I visited my car at JMG. Had been diagnosed already. And the problems?

As I remembered what they told me & what I think of Rolla:
*Engine need to removed from the body. Coz oil sump is too close with the cross member. So cannot remove it without removing the engine.
*Leaking also occurred at the belting area (Is it the correct term?). The oil seal damaged already at one of the pulley.
* Longshaft bushing damaged too. That's the reason the axle is so freakin noisy n 'loose'.
*Crack showed at the caster rod holder.
*Wiring is like fuck. Hahahaha.

So, lets see some random snap first..

Jeembo sold his E30. 9jj front, 10jj rear. Dayyyuumm.
Final posing with the car.
And shall I say I have a twin at JMG? Kay's Rolla.

 JMG's fine art maybe? Wireless engine!

Not only wireless, but also wearing one of the most expensive RS Watanabe! Even the tires need to be special ordered!
And.. Celica TA25 with?
And back to the issue(s) & solutions:
 *Engine removed. So can paint the rocker and cam. What color should I paint it? Flat black? Florescent orange too?

*Change all the gasket and oil seal.

*Longshaft bushing had been replaced. Less noise! And like Mike suggested earlier; try to change the axle oil. See how dirty is my previous axle oil! And already changed it. Even lesser noise!
*As for the crack, will weld it and put some plate to strengthen it.

*Rework the wiring. Cleaning and removing some that are not functioning.

*Putting back the front spoiler. And maybe a new unit of drift e-brake by Drift House, and Arospeed push start + switches + cut off switch coming in too.

But! Will not paint the engine bay coz not all stuffs will be removed. As you can see in the photo, Rolla a bit 'senget'. The other day, I change the pillow ball setting, thus making it one side more negative. LOL. Will adjust it back soon.
So, will try to update time to time. And my last paper is on Monday! Weehooo. See you soon Rolla!


dorifto_demon said...

that ke70..
tell however that build the car..
he is awesome..
finally i see an ol skool done right

Rosso said...

Dis one.. Ala yang aku shoot dulu kat Putrajaya tu. Semua orang tak berjaya racun dia ntuk tukar enjin lagi.

Tapi slow2 convert 86 parts ni..

Big_Shat said...

this car is jst 2 currently looking 2 buy 1 nd start i'll probably hit maeps as soon as i get it!

Kyle said...

JDM TYTE YO!!! *Salute*

Stanley Carter said...

Rosso: You HAVE to paint your rocker with Fluorescent Orange too! That's be so cool it's out of this world, LOL!

zamildrift said...

Cepat weih, 4AGE 20V Orangetop lagi rare! :P

Rosso said...

Yea? I tot it would be weird with the red cable plug. Have already planned to paint it flat black, but wth. Go with the orange then.


Rosso said...

Biggy, mari mari ke Maeps! :)

See you there!!

Rosso said...

Biggy, mari mari ke Maeps! :)

See you there!!


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