Thursday, April 15, 2010

Saturday Night Drift on 10.4.2010.

Nothing much. Just having fun as usual. But this time, Zamil joined us and manage to share some idea about drifting. Should see him in action sooner or later.

So, here's a few videos were recorded by Zamil's friend.

First, the day run. I dunno what happened to Rolla today. Can be drifted much easier than before! Maybe because of the rear strut braces? I can feel the rear went out much responsive and more tail happy now.

And then after a few session with Zamil, I asked him to record this. Fuck! I love it!

And here's my night run:

Anyway, for the last few weeks, I had been limiting up my tires consumption. Conclusion that I can make after a joining a few events are small layout and slow entrance consume more tires than a big layout and a fast entrance! And everytime I hit MAEPS, I only bring 2 tires for the whole session!

Another thing, I think thanks to the stabilizer bar, Rolla's became more responsive. Will definitely buy more Ultra Racing product after this. And maybe I was revving more than 4.5k RPM that day. Hahaha. Zamil told me that I went out more than 5k RPM.

Lesson from the last session? Always rev more! :P


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