Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Photos : Drift Demo at Angkasapuri.

Finished my first final paper. Wohoo. So, here's my full report from the last event. Overall, the track is small! Really small. But they manage to make it interesting for the spectators to watch the action and make the driver to be careful a bit especially the curb on the road side. Huhu.

Both day also freakin hot. I sunburn already. Huargh. Anyway, its been awhile since I last met most of the DCM ( members. I started to disappear after getting Bee. Well maybe too busy with classes and short on RM. So, its kinda good to see them again. Good laugh, good infos were shared and etc.

The event was actually a part of RTM 64 years something something that I forgot already. And was managed by Rattlezasia, which some of them are regular DCM TT (Teh Tarik Session) Kaki. So, had known most of them years ago. Wayyyy back when I was a mere photographer for Bukit Jalil drift event. Ohh, I miss Bukit Jalil. Hope can get back the place one day.

Here was the photo I posted in DCM.

Toyota Corona TT141. Common car in Bolehland aite? But this one? Converted to front and rear part of Soarer MZs something. Interesting aite? Oh, it is powered by RB20DET!

Driven by Nick Superstar.

And this one is a Mercedes Benz W123. Also powered by RB20DET. Driver's nick? Benz!

Amat's KE70 Black Belt. The bumper is pretty unique and distinguish itself from other Corolla. The rear door's pillar was cut out and make it a 'coupe' form somehow.

Rudy of FX Open. Mazda RX7 FC. Huargh, nice Rotor sound!

Startlet Master, Mike! Mbekkkkkk.

And first time seeing Rolla in action. While I went out for a run, Mike's girl; Cheryl took some of the photos here. So big thanks to her for the great shots!

Melvin's A31. Penang mali.

Early in da morning before the event started. See how small the pit were! But somehow with everyone's cooperation, we managed to fit in all da cars.

Small layout and rough surface is da theme for last week.

Friends were making jokes and havin fun. Spotted here are Bob and Manta.

Superstar explaining stuffs to the VIP.

Rattlezasia's demo before they became marshall. Hehehe.

Nice oh?

Amat DX.

And where's an event without a crash? Benz and Burn were talking bout their crash. Hahaha.


Mike and Cheryl.

Mike was shooting me too.

Mr Amat. Really hot that day.

Everyone taking shelter from the heat. And good laughing at each other is the recipe of getting rid of the heat and tiredness.

Superstart close up shot.

Mike Kambeng Golek. Startlet Icon in drifting scene. Hehehe.

Brap brap brap is the way to go! Awesome noise every time he's taking corner. Damn nice sound.

Talkin bout VIP + drift? Here's one.

Burn's Lancer 'Kotak'. CA18DET power house. Another 'coupe' looks from far due to removing the rear window pillar.

And my car in action. On Saturday, still having plug cable issue. Fuckin annoying. Hahaha. Suspect the cable were loose every time I took a corner. A lot of cursing and pressing the cable back and on Sunday? Rolla behave back to normal! And more powerful engine response too! And on Sunday, I fit in the Ultra Racing rear bar. I'll go through it on the next post.

Some shots here showed that I look back when sideways. The reason is because Melvin was behind me when I took a corner. Hahaha. Scared of getting hit, so better I watch my back.

Din Nismo's A3132 (Cefiro + R32).

And forgot to catch his name. Sorry bro.

Damn hot day. Spotted in the photo were Mike, Amat, and Rudy.

Focus, focus, focus!

Participants on Saturday.

And with their drivers.

Copied from Cheryl's photo. Mike and I was pulling a show. How to do it? Fit in the Air Force helmet that I bought in China, open the door, and pull out your leg. I am pretty worried if I bang something, not only my car get hurt, the passenger too!

And finally, got myself a certificate for joining the event. Can add to my port folio too. And oh, I did not bring my camera on Sunday! Lesson learn for next event, wear short pants and driving shoe for more comfort. Hahaha.

OMG, I do look *tough*! Fat alert fat alert.

Anyway, thanks to Rattlezasia for inviting us to play, and to other drifters for the friendliness, guide, help, etc, and Mike & Cheryl for the spare tires (Yeah, on Sunday I did not bring any spare tires but I finished up my current tires! Hahaha. So, borrowed from Mike a set!), help, wake me up on Sunday (Hahaha), helping me fit the stabilizer bar, and for the nice photos!

See ya next time!

And as usual, a video run. This time the mount really fucked up. It became loose thus making the camera's shaking like hell! I'll try to upgrade to a small video cam that can be fitted almost everywhere after this. Thanks to Mike again for the link!

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