Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ultra Racing 2-point rear bar.

On Saturday, got my ordered item, a stabilizer bar from Ultra Racing. 2-point, will be fitted in the boot to increase Rolla's rigidity.

Some close up shot.

And tried to fit it during the event. Luckily Mike helped me that day. See how flexible he can be? Can smuggle him inside the boot also if I want. Hahaha.

Done! THANKS MIKE THANKS MIKE. He told me to thanked him a lot. So here it is =P

Product's review?
Ultra Racing does not need any introduction anymore. They had been in the market for a long time and had proven themselves over different types of motor sport arena. What I fell when this bar fitted is that I think I can hold the drift much longer without straightening and less effort is needed when holding the drift.

Which mean, the rear end feels stiffer and much responsive than before. I guess it eliminates the rear body roll. Worth it? Definitely! Next stop will be room bar if they have it and I am thinking to fit in the 4-point under body bar or maybe Pro Foam injection to stiffen the chassis? Anyone got a review for the foam thingy? Care to share? And not forgetting rear anti-roll bar.

Another thing that I feel now is, every time I entered a road that is not uneven (Malaysia mah! Potholes, crack, deformation and unevenness on the road surface is really 1Malaysia also), there will be a noise from the back. Once, I snuck into a hole (Fuck it, new road but got holes!?), then there's a loud snap noise in the back. Ouch. Dunno la why the noise is there or where it came from.

Oh, in case anyone finding stabilizer bar from Ultra Racing, why don't try to contact me and tell me which bar you are interested. Might help you out to get a good deal from a friend. 012 72 3345 4 is my number.

Non-related bar photos from the last event. 17' on Rolla? Melvin told me to try it but unfortunately I don't have special screw to lock it. If not, y'all can see already Rolla drifting 17'!

And Mike's rims and rubber fitted on Rolla! Till now also still borrowed it. No time to change tires yet. Thanks again dude!


Mike said...

hantam all bar in ur "rolla" bro...haha kalau rollcage boleh masuk even better...

YES YES UR WELCOME! i fix the bar for u, dah la tak tolong, sempat tangkap gambar lagi...hahahaha

Rosso said...

Satu satu Mike. Hehehehe. Ultimately rollcage la. But not so legal after that.

Gambar memangla. Untuk blog. Hahaha.


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