Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cable Plug Issue and DIY Tyme!

The cable plug issue finally came to an end. When I was on the way back from Damansara with Zamil the other day, the cable plug decided to go. A current leaking again.. So, I tape it up again and barely make it to home. Huhu.

So, decided to buy a new one to replace the problemo one. But.. Budget kinda limited coz wanna use money for somethin else. Hehehe. So, I opt this one..

My previous cable is NGK Power Cable. New one will cost you around RM450+. Anyway, the old one is better la for sure. I just need the coil to distributor plug only. Hehehe. So, here's the Jasma one.

So, ultimate DIY or what? Dangerous yea?

You guys know what is the problem with the Silvertop and Blacktop when it changed its layout to RWD aite? The distributor is at the back. Pfft.

Night is the best time to do something. Cooler but darker. So table lamp is my partner for the night shift. LOL. Oh, I did this around 9pm till 2am late.

The tape fried too. See the brownish color.. Hahaha. Dangerous I know..

After an hour and more, I managed to fit the four cables from spark plug to distributor BUT I failed to fit in the cable for coil to distributor! Damn damn. After checking out, I found out that the cable tip is different! Hargh~ Really WTF WTF.

Frustated, I cleaned up the catch tank.

End of Day 1!

Day 2 is today. Where I woke up early and went to the accessory shop back. Told him that the plug cannot fit. So, he also blur-blur, and he called Arospeed and inquire whether they can custom made one for me. And the answer is Yes! So, he refunded me back and I bought the Arospeed Cable Plug. And he'll send it to HQ to custom made it and will be ready by Friday I guess.

Since the day is still young, I went to local hardware store to buy some stuffs.

And plastic board. What for?

For these! Rough dimension only.

So, some rough measurement and cutting. Always remember to cut it extra from the one you need. Always make it extra so you can cut off the unused parts but enough to cover all.

After altering here and there, tape up back the cut off parts with tape.

Replaced the bushes at rocker too. Kinda hard to deal with people especially when they asked what car you use, since my engine is not meant for KE70, it makes it harder. I told them Silvertop 4A-GE, some of them don't know. Then I said Levin AE101 engine, they gave me 4A-FE items. LOL. End up they said the Silvertop 20v is called Levin 20V engine. Hahaha. Something new I learned today. I only thought that Levin is synonym with AE86 facelift. Kekekeke.

More precise cutting and shaping took place.

Final shape. Also I make a few holes to hold this air funnel. And extra tape were taped to strengthen the board from flexing.

And finally! Fit it and cable tie em up! Some stickers to make it more nicer. These stickers were from my skateboard sticker collection. Hehehe. I am an ex skateboarder.

Next, I move on to the DIY heat shield.

This one is pretty easy. Box shape only. Tape and tape to strengthen the board and preventing it from flexing.

I removed the 2nd head lamp too. For? Direct air intake. Plus, the 2nd headlamp didn't have any function so it's okay to remove it. ^^

I remove the inner glass only. The ring still need to be fitted back to make it looks nicer.

Heat shield fitted.The reason I made this is mainly because to prevent water from seeping in into the filter and cause MAF to malfunction. The other day the car became problematic after rain water got into the filter. So why not make it a cold air intake too?

Top view. Acceptable or not?

Inner view. Direct air intake to the box and air filter. Will put mesh wire to cover the holes soon.

And front view. Looks a bit weird in my opinion..

Will see how it perform later on. And I'm gonna replace the air filter too soon.

End of Day 2!


Mike said...


care to help me DIY that for my car too? u did a good job on the heat shield. u should remove it then bring it to a foundry to make it into a Alu heat shield.

-mike kong-

ellmiesupreme said...

wuaaaa...nice job bro...
cam mike cakap..hantar gie cutting pakai aluminum plate..lagi cantik...yg board ko dah buat tu jadikan mock up ntok cutting aluminum tu nnti..
planning to make it one kalau ko nak buat nnti, inform aku ea...

sabtu ni turun maeps x?

Rosso said...

Hehehe. Thanks for the idea. I'll do it once I am free soon. Meanwhile I tengok dulu whether the board can tahan or not the heat.

You guys want it too ke?

Sabtu.. Tak sure yet la bro.

Mike said...

i will want it if ur doing in for me :) hahaha

mhd faris said...

pergh!makin hebat rolla..
teruskan perjuang dlm Industri Automotif!

Rosso said...

Fillin up masa kosong je. Kekeke.

Sooner or later nak kena rebuild balik ni..

tuah said...

good job bro! Jumpa juga ko kat blogger ni. hehe, anyway aku tuah yg kita jumpa di MAEPS Serdang 2 minggu lepas. ala yang dengan apek tua tu. hahahah, aku kalau ada time free selalu gak lepak di MAEPS tu, nak ber-drift tak pandai lagi kete pun tak de. so layan tgk korang main drift je ler.. :)

Rosso said...

Hm.. Tak ingat la bro. Kalo jumpe maybe ingatla kot.. :P


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