Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2 Wheelers.

Again, an alternative solution for campus/daily mobile? Consumption for Rolla is kinda bad now. Still cant find the reason why. RM70 of petrol for town usage can only cover up to 300km+. If highway, it was RM60 for 300km trip.

So, since I got a lot of free time, decided to visit few motorcycle shops around Skudai area. Yea, Naza GTR is still the best looking scooter but the price tag is a bit problem, plus I heard a lot of problems with it. But still, one of the options. Anyway, just goofing around the shop only lah.

Im always a sucker for a bike that shows its chassis bone. Just like the GTR. Anyway here's few options:

Demak DTM150. This is the on road version. This scrambler is quite tall. The latest model of Demak scrambler. But Demak? What brand is that?

And moving on to the second choices are the Demak DMX R. This is the off road version. This scrambler is wayyy to high for me to seat on it by the way. Thinking of trying adding off road trailing in my activity since Corolla's price tag is getting expensive day by day.

And finally, my first time looking at this bike. Kinda naked coz there's no trim or anything. Just its frame and the internal. It is called the Momos/Sachs MadAss 125. I fell in love already with this naked bike.

All price tags are around RM6k-7k except for the GTR. Oh well, just some random idea.


Mike Kong said...

what is your fuel press now? its strange for the fuel consumption actually...

Rosso said...

Dropped down till 2.6 bar. Now up to 2.8. Its either actually really that hungry or my fuel float gone weng.

Surge like fuck now. Need to put back my 2nd pump and the surge tank.


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