Thursday, October 28, 2010

Featured : Din's New Ride.

Din had moved on to a new platform recently. Presenting his new Corolla TE71. I personally went with him during the purchase. It comes with a Blacktop 20v power plant and comes with a lot of drift goodies. No poser talk here, coz this car really come with full spec for drifting. Even a full cage!

But since his 16v in the red KE70 also was overhauled few months before the purchase, he decided to ditch the stock 20v and went for a dual transplant; which is swapping the stock 20v into the red KE70 and the monster 16v into the TE71.
This is the 'mixed and match' 16v.

And yes, the red KE70 had been sold to one of the D18X members. The price tag was kinda low and it is a really good deal. Below RM7000. Also comes with a lot of goodies including Blacktop 20v, T50 gearbox, and 2way LSD.
Powerhouse lineup : 4A-GTE 20v, 4A-GE 16v, SR20DE, 2T-G

Anyway its good to know the TE71 is doing what's best in its nature, which is going sideways. Nice one Din! Definitely will bring Rolla for a spin when my semester holiday comes this December. Foo cant wait to rock the Putrajaya track.

Some photos:

New track at Putrajaya cost you around RM30 only. Cheaper than MARDI but a bit smaller layout. Definitely worth the price you pay coz the tar is new and smoother compare to MARDI. And in case y'all always confuse, MARDI and MAEPS are actually the same place located at Serdang.


Big_Shat said...

yea saw this ride over the weekend...its a nice ride...! but it kept on spinning a lot...guess the owner was getting used to it!

Big_Shat said...
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Rosso said...

Time warm up kot.. Suspension Din tak taula dah fix ke belum. Ada salah setting skit the last time aku bawak dulu masa bulan 6.

aa63 said...

Nice 71, I'm jst looking for 71 owners cause I'm using one as well, Not many ard though...Maybe can meet up.

Rosso said...

Can add him at facebook. Search for Gitar Kapok.

Nice blog dude... Definitely will bookmark yours.

Hidoriki said...

aa63! u must be " corolla " right? hehe ^_^


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