Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Arrival.

Yeah, kinda late update, but yes. Rolla made it to Johore! Kinda relieved that I arrived safely and without any problem.

Okay, so found out that the consumption is a bit high if I wanna compare it to Jazz. So earlier I pumped in RM60 only. Coz Jazz normally only consumed around RM40 to get to JB which is 300km from KL.

The final ratio for this new LSD? Earlier my friend told me it was 4.1, but I guess the ratio is 4.3 which is the same ratio from my welded diff. So at 120km/h the RPM was at 4000. Not so efficient so I didn't speed up.

I have this phobia that old car cant survive long trip, so as a precaution I did stop a lot and let the engine cool down despite my average temp is around 70; which is healthy la. No temp problem so far.

It took me around 4hours to arrived safely at my college and yes, we made it! The downside? Rolla drank all the petrol worth RM60 so had to fill it up again once I exit the last toll. Foo. One fuel sucker here.

Lets move on to the next post!

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